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All of KAPA Plumbing Service technicians are knowledgeable, professional and trained in the latest advancements to provide our Barrie homeowners with a safe comfortable experience. We pride ourselves with expert diagnosis and reliable plumbing service providing customers with thorough detailed explanations of repairs, replacements and new installations.

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KAPA Plumbing provides Barrie homeowners with a direct, upfront, flat rate pricing system for plumbing services, plumbing repairs and heating repairs

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Quality and Professional Plumbing Service

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Kitchen Plumbing Upgrades and Renovation

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then you'll love all features and design elements that we can squeeze into yours! The plumbing is central to your kitchen renovation or upgrade.

Hot Water heaters and tanks

There’s nothing cool about a hot water heater that’s giving you lukewarm water. You know the feeling.

Emergency Plumbing Service

We do emergency plumbing repairs and trouble shooting. We do evening, weekend, and holiday calls so your emergency gets taken care of quickly.

Connecting from Septic System to Sewers

KAPA Plumbing will coordinate the transition of your Septic system to the sewers in Barrie.

Repair Leaks for Faucets, Pipes, and Drains

Repairs for all your Leaks. Call KAPA Plumbing. KAPA Plumbing provides Repairs for Leaking Faucets, Pipes, and Drains to homeowners in Barrie.

Appliance Installation

Call KAPA Plumbing, Barrie Area, to get washing machine Installation.

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